Project Management Advisory

We understand how important project implementation and strategic advice is to the success of any fundraising. IRoise Partners has assembled a dedicated Project Management team to provide advisory & execution services to clients at every stage of the cycle. Our proven ability optimises fundraising outcomes for our clients, helping them to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

Comprising senior-level industry experts, the IRoise Project Management team has responsibility for coordinating all aspects of our fundraising, consultancy and Investor Relations mandates. Our services range from planning and providing strategic advice, to day-to-day project execution and monitoring progress against our objectives.

Based on a deep understanding of each clients’ needs, the team designs bespoke, granular marketing and fundraising strategies - underpinned by proprietary market intelligence - including advice on positioning, market dynamics and fundraising tactics. Such strategies are then revised and adapted on a regular basis to reflect the latest macroeconomic trends and fundraising progress.  

At all times, the Project Management team works closely in tandem with our distribution team, co-ordinating on next steps with respect to LP prospects to maximise the chance of conversion and maintaining a constant focus on the overall book of demand for each fundraising.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing IR functions whilst providing a variety of services, including advice and drafting assistance on key marketing documentation, answering investor due diligence requests and providing data room administration assistance.