Investor Relations

We believe good fundraising outcomes are intrinsically linked to a strong Investor Relations function.

IRoise Partners offers an innovative solution to our clients, providing ongoing and consistent IR support, both during and between fundraising periods.

Our aim is to partially or totally externalise our clients’ Investor Relations functions, thereby enhancing the levels of care and service provided to existing LPs. By increasing the number of touch-points with LPs and leveraging our extensive, senior-level relationships, many of which have been built over multiple decades, we believe we can accelerate future fundraisings by helping to maximise investor re-ups.

IRoise’s strong commitment to establishing long-term relationships over several funds means we are better positioned to help our clients carefully and methodically implement a plan for establishing or developing their Investor Relations functions in the future.

The IRoise team has acquired a wealth of experience from serving GPs both as in-house IR professionals and advisors over numerous fundraisings. This experience has helped us to develop and refine rigorous processes for improving LP relations.

Our services include:

  • Developing strategic plans for covering existing LPs and new prospects
  • Providing dedicated senior-level coverage support for specific LPs
  • Tailor-made recommendations for new tools to help enhance current processes, based on LP feedback and industry best practices

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