Consultancy Mandates

Unique problems require unique solutions. IRoise Partners offers a wide range of consultancy services for clients seeking guidance on specific strategic topics. Our experienced senior team of advisors have the skillset to listen to our clients and help them understand their issues before establishing a plan of action. 

Having assembled a team with over a century’s worth of experience, a deep understanding of private capital asset classes, and a constant presence in the market, IRoise Partners has the industry know-how and tools at its disposal to undertake complex consultancy missions. 

Our clients may be considering a corporate re-branding, contemplating entering a new market or looking to build out their IR function, IRoise can help assess the feasibility of any given project, advise on how to maximise the chance of success, and address a fundamental issue that could impact future fundraisings.

IRoise also specialises in the creation of detailed perception studies for the benefit of our long-term clients. By interviewing existing and prospective LPs, portfolio company CEOs and M&A Advisors, these comprehensive reports uncover the views of our GP clients’ main stakeholders and counterparties. The output from these interviews provide our clients with a greater insight into how the market perceives them, as well as their relative positioning versus their peers. Based on our findings, IRoise prepares comprehensive SWOT analyses and recommendations for our clients, with a view to addressing any issues and enhancing perceptions ahead of the next fundraising.